Dirty pool with a crack that is causing a leak

Pool Leak Detection

There is nothing better than enjoying a relaxing weekend by the pool. A nice breeze, warm sunshine, and refreshing swim is a dream come true for any family. Unfortunately, wear and tear over time can result in a leak in your pool. Not only will your water bill increase as you try to replace the lost water, but it can also damage your pool, deck, and yard if not handled immediately. Don’t fight an endless battle with your pool. Instead, call Liquidus Pool Services to put your needs first and give you the power to take your weekend back. Our team specializes in pool repair, maintenance, and renovation services for the DFW area. Contact us today for an estimate!

Potential Warning Signs of a Leak

There are warning signs that may indicate your pool has a leak. Know them and take action before the leak gets worse or causes more damage. A pool leak that remains untreated can continue to weaken the structural integrity of your pool. It can also increase the likelihood of the growth of bacteria or algae within the pool cracks, which is hazardous to humans. Here are signs to recognize: 

  • Your pool loses more than ¼ inch of water per day. (Anything less than this could be natural evaporation from the sun).
  • There are major cracks in or around the pool decking
  • You have to constantly add water to your pool. It is normal to add water to your pool at least once a week to replace the loss from evaporation. If your pool constantly needs more water than this, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. 
  • The area around your pool is soggy. If you notice that the grass around your pool is constantly soaked, it is a strong sign that your pool has a leak. 
  • Your pool deck shows signs of sinking or swelling. If your pool deck is sinking or swelling, there is a high probability that water is trapped underneath. 
  • A leak test comes up positive

What Can Cause a Leak?

While a leak is a problem within itself, it could also be a sign that there is an underlying issue. Here are the potential causes of a pool leak.

  • Your swimming pool’s pumps or motors are malfunctioning. There is a lot of air in your pool lines causing your pump basket to not fill up completely with water. 
  • There is natural wear and tear on your pool’s surfaces. This can include the pool’s pool plaster, flooring, and walls. 
  • Damaged or broken plumbing beneath the pool’s deck. Damaged or broken plumbing can cause terrible leaks underneath your pool’s deck, which can result in swelling or sinking of the pool’s deck.
  • Loose fittings on railings, tiles, and other pool accessories

Preparing for a Pool Leak Test

Liquidus Pool Services is dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the best care possible, and we take great measures to ensure that your pool leak test is as accurate as possible. An accurate test can better help us understand the magnitude of the problem and perform the proper repairs to return your pool to tip-top shape. Here are our recommendations to prepare your pool for a leak test. 

  • Properly vacuum and clean your pool before the test. A dirty pool makes it hard to spot leaks. Allow Liquidus Pool Services to clean the pool for you! Contact Liquidus Pool Services today for more information about our pool cleaning and maintenance options.
  • Make sure pool water is at a normal level. It is hard to spot a leak if the water level is too low. Ensure that your pool is at its normal water level before the test. 
  • Ensure your pool water is clear. Cloudy or greenish water makes it difficult to find the source of the leak and indicates a potential algae infestation. Liquidus Pools can help you remove the algae to perform the leak detection test. Contact Liquidus Pools for more information on algae treatment options. 

Pool Leak Detection Specialists

Liquidus Pool Services specializes in leak detection tests and accurate readings to create a strategy to stop the leak. From repairing your pool’s pumps to fixing the plumbing underneath the deck to performing a resurfacing project, count on us. Contact Liquidus Pool Services today for an estimate on your leak detection test and more information on our services. With our help, you can continue to enjoy your weekend and create long-lasting memories by your pool.