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Imagine you are getting ready to use your pool. You have your favorite swimsuit on that makes you look and feel good, your favorite pool floaty, and a cooler full of drinks to keep you hydrated. As you look at your pool, something definitely seems off. The water level is lower than it usually is. You shrug it off, believing that it is just evaporation as it has been abnormally warm. 

The next day you return to your pool just to find that the water level has dropped once again. Now you are not so sure about whether or not you are facing mother nature or a pool leak. In order to be 100% sure about what is causing your pool’s drop in water level, you decide to invest in a pool leak detection test. Pool leak detection can help you pinpoint a leak, if there is one, and then allow a specialist to plan a course of action to fix it. Here is more thorough information about pool leak detection. 

Identifying a Pool Leak

A Liquidus Pools pro skims a pool surface during weekly maintenanceUnderstanding the different warning signs of a pool leak can help you decide whether or not investing in a pool leak detection test is worth it. Here are the tell-tale signs of a pool leak;

Your pool’s water level is dropping more than ¼ inch of water per day. While it is true that your pool’s water level will naturally drop over time due to evaporation, it shouldn’t drop more than a ¼ of an inch. Evaporation works slowly, as it has to heat up the water to a point where it begins to change from a liquid to a gas. A leak will continuously allow water to seep out, resulting in your pool losing water more quickly. 

There is major cracking in or around the pool deck. If your pool deck has some large unsightly cracks, it could be a sign that your pool has sustained damage as well. Always ensure that you are being proactive and invest in a pool inspection to make sure your pool hasn’t sustained damage as well when there is a problem with the deck. 

You are constantly adding water to your pool. It is normal to add water to your pool at least once a week to make up for the loss of water due to evaporation. But if your pool constantly needs to be refilled, not only are you running up your water bill, but you are also probably facing a leak. Save your pool and your wallet by investing in a pool leak detection test. 

The ground around your pool is soggy. If you hear the uncomfortable squish of your shoes digging into the wet ground as you walk around your pool, but it hasn’t rained in a while, then you are probably facing a leak. A leaking pool can spread water to the area around it, which can be harmful to your yard. 

What Causes a Pool Leak?

Pool leaks are caused either by damage to your pool or the pool equipment. A pool leak detection test can help pinpoint the issue. Here are the most common causes of a pool leak;

Pool Leak Test Preparation

Once you have committed to investing in a pool leak detection test, there are some things that you will need to do to get ready. A dirty pool can affect the results of a pool leak test. For the most accurate results, follow these simple tips. 

Properly vacuum and clean your pool. Dirt and cloudy water can make it hard to spot a pool leak. You will want to clear your pool of debris and ensure that the surfaces are free from grime. This will help ensure a clear view of a leak detection specialist to spot any potential leaks. 

Make sure your pool’s water level is normal. It goes without saying that a leak is hard to spot if a pool is not actually leaking. 

Pool Leak Detection Test

Your pool is a huge investment and your time is valuable. That is why it is highly recommended that you invest in a pool leak detection specialist to come out and inspect your pool. Contact us today for our pool leak detection test or for more information on our other pool services so you can take your weekend back!