A drain in a backyard

Backyard Drainage

Heavy rain or a leaking pool can create havoc for your yard. An excess amount of water can leave your lawn feeling like a soggy marsh instead of a backyard oasis. Investing in backyard drainage can help reduce the risk of flooding, which can save your landscape and the foundational integrity of your home. Liquidus Pool Services we create stunning outdoor environments with water as its central element. We are dedicated to helping you create a beautiful and safer backyard so that you can take back your weekend. Contact us today to receive an evaluation of your yard. We can check for spots of elevation and provide you with the best solution for drainage needs.

French Drains and Curtain Drains

While French drains and curtain drains work similarly, they have two different functions to prevent a build-up of water. Here is a look at these two drainage solutions.

French Drain

French drains are trenches that have been filled with gravel or rock. They have a perforated pipe underneath the surface, which helps redirect water away from your yard and towards a septic tank or drain field. The gravel and rock help filter the water and keep it on course during a particularly heavy rain. It is also a great way to hide it and keep your yard looking beautiful.

French drains are typically built around the external sides of your home or underneath the basement floor. They target water that is pooling underneath the ground. French drains do require regular inspections, such as once or twice a year, to ensure no clogs are building up within the pipe.

Curtain Drains

Curtain drains are very similar to french drains in the fact that they are trenches that are filled with gravel that cover a perforated pipe. They help move water away from your home and into either a septic tank or drain field. The difference is how deep the trench is. Curtain drains deal more with surface water while a french drain removes groundwater. The experts at Liquidus Pool Solutions can help you decide which drain would be right for you!

Trench Drain

A backyard drain near the patio. Trench drains are designed to handle the water on the top of the surface. These drains are lined with concrete and sloped to make use of gravity. The water is redirected away from your yard and into a specified location, such as a dry well. Steel grates are often used to cover trench drains to ensure that any debris doesn’t clog the drain. These types of drains are popular around pools, as they help catch and redirect splashed or dripped water.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are typically installed underneath the floor of basements, crawl spaces, or in the lowest part of your yard to collect rainwater before it can flood your home. Sump pumps are highly recommended for older homes or those located in flood zones. Older homes often suffer from cracks in the foundation, which allow water to seep in during heavy rainstorms.

Sump pumps are also highly recommended for areas that are recessed. For example, when we install our outdoor kitchens and seating areas, we always install electrical drainage underneath in order to ensure that all the water is pumped out. This helps the foundation dry and reduces the risk of developing a sink-hole.

Dry Wells

Dry wells are underground structures that naturally dispose of unwanted water. From surface runoff to stormwater, dry wells are an effective, low-cost solution to drainage issues. The concrete chamber of the well is littered with pores that allow the water to slowly and safely absorb into the ground. This has a two-fold benefit; it waters the soil while preventing flooding.

Pool Deck Drains

Pool deck drains are typically made of long-lasting, non-corrosive PVC. Designed to safely collect and carry water away from your pool, PVC keeps your deck or patio from sustaining sitting water damage. The drain is often covered with a grate, keeping large debris from entering and clogging the drain.

Backyard Drainage Solution Specialists

Liquidus Pool Services is dedicated to helping you enjoy the most out of your yard and pool by providing you with real solutions. When it comes to backyard drainage, Liquidus’s experts know what signs to look for when evaluating your yard so that we can help you come up with the best answers. Whether your yard calls for a French drain, a sump pump, or a pool deck drain, we have you covered. Contact our specialists today for more information on our services and start on the journey to take your weekend back.