A Technician Tests the PH Balance of the water in a swimming pool

What is Pool Maintenance and Why Do You Need It?

At its core, pool maintenance has the power to change your summer experience; far from being just about clarity, it’s about ensuring the water is safe and hygienic, extending the life of your pool, and protecting the sizable investment it represents.

Chemical balance, filtration, and proper circulation are just a few vital areas homeowners must be vigilant about. The downside can come when pool maintenance isn’t top of mind which can result in a host of issues, from cloudy water and scaling on surfaces, to equipment failure and health hazards.

Tailored Cleaning on Your Time

We understand that different pools have different needs, and so do their owners. That’s why we offer a nuanced approach to cleaning services:

  1. Recurring Services: For the homeowner who prefers a hands-off experience, recurring services are a blanket approach to pool health. From chemical checks to vacuuming, our team dedicates regular visits to ensure your pool is spotless and inviting at all times.
  2. One-Time Services: From post-party cleanups to seasonal opening and closing, our one-time service caters to specific, non-recurring needs without the commitment of a regular plan.

The Nitty-Gritty of Liquidus Pools’ Cleaning Services

Our cleaning regimen leaves no stone unturned and no tile unswept—here’s what you can expect:

  1. Testing and Balancing of Basic Chemicals – Maintaining the delicate chemical balance is crucial for water quality. We test and adjust chlorine, pH levels, and alkalinity to keep your pool water clear and safe for swimming.
  2. Brushing – Algae and other contaminants can adhere to pool surfaces, detracting from its pristine look. Regular brushing ensures these blemishes have no foothold.
  3. Skimming and Leaf Removal – Debris, whether fallen leaves or stray bugs, can mar the water aesthetic and clog filtration systems. We skim to perfection.
  4. Vacuuming – Sediment at the pool’s bottom is an eyesore and a breeding ground for issues. Our vacuuming service keeps the floor spick and span.
  5. Pump & Skimmer Basket Emptying – The effectiveness of a pool’s filtration is directly tied to the cleanliness of its baskets. We are proactive about emptying these, ensuring unobstructed water flow.
  6. Pressure and Equipment Checks – Without reliable equipment, your pool is defenseless against pollutants. We conduct regular checks to maintain the optimal performance of your pool’s systems.
  7. Algae Removal – While prevention is the ultimate goal, we possess the expertise to eradicate any infestation, restoring your pool’s beauty with precision and speed.

Our Stand-Outs

We at Liquidus set high standards for our services. It is not just about the end result; it’s the process and the underlying values we bring to every interaction with our clients. Our core values of transparency, professionalism, and teamwork carry through from our team to your pool, creating a positive, respectful, and productive relationship that ensures your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our Transparency Initiatives

  • Extensive Reports: We believe an informed homeowner is an empowered homeowner—this is why we email a detailed report after every service as shown in the PDF to the left.
  • Pool School Training: Our teamwork mindset is fostered in our “Pool School” initiative where we share practical tips and in-depth knowledge on pool care, addressing common challenges, and offering proactive solutions. This commitment to education sets us apart; we are your partners in preserving the vitality of your pool.

Ready to Transform Your Pool Experience?

For homeowners seeking uncompromising pool maintenance and an enriched pool experience, Liquidus Pools is the name to know. Enlist our services and allow your pool to become the heart of relaxation and recreation it was meant to be.