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A pool is a wonderful addition to any home, but it takes a lot of upkeep to remain in good working order. If you own a pool, it’s important to remain knowledgeable about it and know what kind of maintenance it requires. And if your pool requires work that’s more cosmetic in nature, you may have questions about that as well. For this reason, the team at Liquidus Pool Services has compiled answers to some of the biggest questions when it comes to owning a pool. Here are the answers to the most common questions we get about our pool repair and pool remodeling services:

What Are the Signs that Your Pool Should Be Resurfaced?

Plaster pool surfaces generally have a lifespan of around 7-10 years depending on your product and how much you use it; after that, a pool will need to be resurfaced. Here are the signs that your pool needs to be resurfaced:

  • Peeling Plaster is caused by low calcium or pH levels in your pool. Peeling plaster can only be fixed by investing in a high-quality resurfacing service. 
  • Rough Texture is caused by stomping feet, imbalanced pH levels, and wear over time. Rough spots are often uncomfortable and should be addressed quickly. 
  • Stains appear naturally over time and can hide potential problems such as an algae bloom or minor cracks. 
  • Chalky Residue is a result of the pool’s surface beginning to break down. If you notice your pool is chalking, it is definitely time for a resurfacing service. 
  • Sudden Drops in Water Level are usually the result of a leak from plaster fatigue and poor fittings.
  • Spider Web Cracks are caused by sudden temperature changes. These are usually the result of a heater malfunction or the changing weather and can lead to worsening issues. 
  • Large Structural Cracks can lead to pool leaks and create an optimal spot for algae growth. 

If your pool shows any of the above signs, the team at Liquidus can take care of it with our pool resurfacing services.

How Often Should I Get My Pool Filter Cleaned

Every type of pool filter has different requirements when it comes to maintenance. Here are the types of pool filters we service and how often each type should be cleaned:

Sand Filters

Sand filters require weekly backwashing in order to ensure that they are running strong. They also need to be cleaned with a special filter cleaner every season to ensure that there isn’t any debris remaining that can block water circulation and filtration. It is best to open and refill sand and filter media once per year to avoid groves left in the sand from backwashing which decreased filtration of your water.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

A Liquidus Pool Services truck parked beside a client's pool that needs weekly maintenance

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters need to be cleaned with special products three times every season. Once at the beginning of the season, one midway to accommodate for storms, and finally at the end of the season to prepare for winter.  They also need a complete inspection and cleaning every 3-4 months to ensure that everything is running properly. You should also keep an eye on the filter’s pressure gauge. When the pressure is getting too high, it means that it is time for a backwash. 

Keep in mind that extreme weather changes, severe storms, and the type of landscape you live in can change the amount of attention your diatomaceous earth filter will need. If you are unsure whether your DE filters need to be serviced, contact our professionals at Liquidus Pool Services. We will make sure you are taken care of.  

Cartridge Filters

The frequency with which cartridge filters need service depends on the size of the cartridge that your filter uses. Small filters need to be cleaned weekly, while larger ones need to be cleaned monthly. Cartridge filters do not require backwashing, but the filters need to be replaced at least every 1-2 years.

It is essential to remember that your filter cartridges can also become worn down due to extreme weather changes, severe storms, and due to the type of landscape you are located in. Storms can kick up more debris in your pool and certain landscapes can produce more dust and dirt. Always check with the professionals at Liquidus pool solutions to find out how well your filter cartridge is performing in your area. 

What Are the Signs that You Need a Pool Renovation?

Just like any part of your home, your pool will need renovations from time to time. If you are noticing any of these signs, then it may be time to consider a pool renovation:

  • Not enough pool lighting
  • Inefficient pool lighting
  • Costly heater use
  • Outdated equipment
  • Boring appearance
  • Inefficient water filtration
  • Faded or outdated deck
  • Loose coping
  • Broken or falling off tiles
  • Large cracks in the concrete decking
  • A leaking pool
  • Cracks in the pools flooring, walls, or edges

When it comes to pool maintenance and renovations, no one does it better than Liquidus Pool Services. We can help you take your weekend back and give you the comfort of knowing your pool is safe and reinforced to last. For more information about our services, or if you have any further questions, contact us today!