Finished pool remodel project

Pool Deck Services

Pool decks are a great place to sunbathe or enjoy an ice cold beverage after going for a swim, but they’re less enjoyable when they’re old or outdated. When you need a brand new deck built or your current deck renovated, Liquidus Pool Services can help. From new construction to outdoor living features, you can count on the professionals at Liquidus Pool Services to provide you with outstanding service. We have been providing our customers with pool deck restoration, resurfacing, and other services for many years. We can help you choose a new deck, restore your current deck to its original condition, or add a pergola or other features to your deck. When you use our pool contractors for pool deck services, you can rely on getting top-quality work from skilled and experienced experts.

New Pool Deck Construction

Adding a deck to your pool gives you a convenient spot to towel off after getting out. You’ll also have a relaxing place to unwind with friends and family after swimming. When you need a new pool deck constructed in Dallas, you can depend on Liquidus Pool Services. Our pool professionals can work with you to come up with a deck design for your pool and choose the right materials for it. When it comes to the construction process, you can rely on us to get it done safely and in a reasonable timeframe so that you can start using your new pool deck as soon as possible.

Whether you’re thinking of having a small and simple deck built or want a spacious one with a more elaborate design, we can help. We’ll listen to your ideas and make recommendations based on your design preferences, your budget, and other factors. We look forward to helping you get set up with a brand new pool deck.

Swimming Pool Deck Resurfacing

Swimming pool decks typically have a finish on them that protects them from the elements, resulting in a lower risk of water damage and other problems. Over time, however, this surface can end up with flaws and other issues that make it unsightly. These problems can also make your deck uncomfortable or even unsafe to walk on. The experts at Liquidus Pool Services offer swimming pool deck resurfacing in Dallas to ensure that your deck stays safe and in excellent condition.

No matter what kind of surface you have on your pool deck, our professionals can provide you with high-quality resurfacing services. These services can give your deck a fresh new look that improves its appearance and enhances the look of your entire pool area.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living features can help you get even more use out of your pool deck while also boosting its appearance. Here are some of the features that we can add to your swimming pool deck:

Pergolas and Cabanas

Pergolas and cabanas create shady areas on your pool deck where you can escape from the sun’s harsh rays. Our professionals can help you decide whether a pergola or cabana works better for your pool deck, and then help you choose the right design and materials for it.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens provide you with a comfortable and convenient place to barbecue and prepare other meals for family and friends throughout the warmer part of the year. Our experts can help you come up with an outdoor kitchen design that best suits your outdoor living needs.

If you need pool deck services in Dallas, contact Liquidus Pool Services today for a consultation. Our pool professionals can construct a new deck for you, restore or resurface your current deck, or add outdoor living features to your deck. Call us today to set up a 30-minute consultation at no cost.