How Weather Affects Your Pool

Natural Looking Fountains Flowing Into a Pool.

Spring and summer are known for their gorgeous temperatures which have everyone looking forward to when the pool is open. Spending your days floating in the crystal clear waters is a dream but, unfortunately, inclement weather can have everyone running inside. While we usually associate rain with the poor pool conditions did you know that […]

Pool Pump Repair 101

A gorgeous concrete residential pool.

Your pool pump is the heartbeat of your pool. Keeping your pool’s water circulating regularly is one of the best ways to get rid of debris and stay ahead of algae growth. That means it’s essential for you to keep your pump running smoothly and to be able to tell when it isn’t. How do […]

How to Clean your Pool Filter

A before and after picture of a dirty to clean cartridge pool filter

Your pool is the perfect place to escape to after a long week of work or school! But a Saturday afternoon lounging in the pool can suddenly turn sour if the water is murky and slimy. While it is easy to quickly jump to the conclusion that your pool’s pump may be broken, the more […]

The Magic of Scuppers

Crystal clear water with the words, magic of scuppers.

Your swimming pool is your escape. After a long day or week, nothing feels better than getting into the pool and allowing your cares to float away. Adding water features to your pool can help enhance this effect. From waterfalls and fountains to scupper and deck jets, nothing says relaxation more than the sound of […]

COVID-19 Update

Our wishes go out to all the families across DFW and the nation in this time of crisis.  Liquidus Pool Services is open for business. Safety is our top priority – for our employees, our customers, and the overall health and safety of our industry. According to, COVID-19 cannot live in properly maintained pool […]

Different Pool Shapes

Beautiful well-lit custom backyard pool at sunset

Pools are a gorgeous addition to any backyard. Some homeowners have always dreamed of owning their very own pools but may be reluctant to invest in a pool due to the nature of their backyard’s shape or size. They may think it is too small or difficult to work around, or that current trees and […]

Tile Types to Use for Your Pool

A gorgeous new pool with beautiful pool tiles.

Pools are perfect for showing off your style. Owners can choose the pool shape, depth, and tile design to create the perfect backyard oasis. There are many different tile options for homeowners, and Liquidus Pool Service’s incredible design team has put together a guide to show off our personal favorites. Take a look at these […]

History of Tiki Huts

A beautiful backyard design featuring a pool and a tiki hut.

Tiki huts are extremely popular in backyard pool designs. They bring out a feeling of peace, relaxation, and joy, turning your backyard into a mini tropical paradise. While many people may believe that tiki huts and tiki decor originated from remote island culture, they actually originated right here in the United States. Here is a […]

Taking Care of Your Pool After a Natural Disaster

A pool after a natural disaster with the words, pool disaster recovery.

In light of the severe storms that struck the DFW area in October 2019, many pool owners are dealing with damage and destruction to their pools. Full of debris, contaminated water, and broken pool equipment, pools can be unsafe to swim in after a natural disaster. With some tender love and care, you can help […]

Pool Leak Detection

Beautiful clean pool

Imagine you are getting ready to use your pool. You have your favorite swimsuit on that makes you look and feel good, your favorite pool floaty, and a cooler full of drinks to keep you hydrated. As you look at your pool, something definitely seems off. The water level is lower than it usually is. […]