History of Tiki Huts

A beautiful backyard design featuring a pool and a tiki hut.

Tiki huts are extremely popular in backyard pool designs. They bring out a feeling of peace, relaxation, and joy, turning your backyard into a mini tropical paradise. While many people may believe that tiki huts and tiki decor originated from remote island culture, they actually originated right here in the United States. Here is a […]

Pool Leak Detection

Beautiful clean pool

Imagine you are getting ready to use your pool. You have your favorite swimsuit on that makes you look and feel good, your favorite pool floaty, and a cooler full of drinks to keep you hydrated. As you look at your pool, something definitely seems off. The water level is lower than it usually is. […]

DIY Fire Pit

Friends around a first roasting marshmallows with the words, DIY fire pit.

Fire pits create the perfect atmosphere for a night of relaxation, contemplation, or enjoying time with family and friends. They help fend off the chill and create beautiful light. Fire pits can be added to any backyard setting if you have the right materials and knowledge to bring it to life. Follow these steps to […]

What is the Dilution Effect?

Cleaning chemicals are sitting next to a pool with the words, The dilution effect in pools.

Pools are a fantastic way to escape the heat and have some fun during the summertime. Not only are they a great way to create memories with family and friends, but they also promote healthy exercise which is good for your heart and mind. However, owning your own pool is a great responsibility and requires […]

How to Remove Algae from a Pool

A pool filled with green algae

A nice relaxing evening in the pool is a great way to spend time with family and friends, escape the heat, and get some exercise. Algae can easily ruin a day of fun as it provides a potential health risk to the swimmers and the pool itself. It is essential to know the warning signs […]

How to Use a Pool Test Kit to Check Chemical Levels

A person using an electric pool test kit with the words checking pool chemical levels

Dirty pool water can contain all sorts of nasty things, including E. coli, protozoa, and hepatitis A. All of these pool water pathogens can make you and your family sick. Fortunately, there are chemicals that will keep your pool clean and sanitary – you just have to keep up with dosage requirements and monitor your pool chemical […]

Pool Water Feature Ideas

A rain curtain water feature flowing into a pool with the words pool water feature ideas

A great swimming pool is about so much more than the pool’s structure – it’s all about creating the perfect ambiance. One of the most effective ways to add ambiance and beauty to your pool is to add water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and geysers. If you’re looking to refresh your swimming pool’s look, here […]