Should My Dog Be Allowed in the Pool?

an in-ground swimming pool

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy swimming in pools. Pools can be a great way for dogs to cool off in the summer, have fun, and get some exercise. But is having your dog swim in the pool a good idea? Pools can present a danger to your dog, and your dog can affect […]

Rain’s Effect on Pool Water

A picture of a pool and pool deck during a rain storm with the words "Rain

Rainfall has an important impact on swimming pool water. Drizzles, showers, and downpours do more than fill your pool with a little precipitation. People who own or maintain swimming pools in the DFW Metroplex should monitor the chemical balance of their pools during the rainy season. The Physics of Rainwater Rain occurs as evaporated water […]

Pool Water Feature Ideas

A rain curtain water feature flowing into a pool with the words pool water feature ideas

Water features can transform the ambience and elevate beauty of your pool. They can add visual interest to your pool that draws the eye in certain ways that highlight your pool’s best features. Different water features will have different effects, though, so here is a guide to help you select the water features that will best […]

How to Replace a Pool Light

Beautiful well-lit custom backyard pool at sunset

As clear, refreshing bodies of water right in your backyard, pools provide enjoyment, a safe place to exercise, and a great way to beat the heat. Thanks to Texas’s moderate climate, pool owners in the DFW area can enjoy a swim pretty much all year long. When it gets dark, however, swimmers rely on pool […]

What Are the Different Types of Pool Filters?

A pool filter alongside pipes with words "Types of Pool Filters"

There’s nothing better than diving into a clear, cold swimming pool in the sweltering heat of summer. On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than spending the summer troubleshooting discolored pool water or trying to keep algae from taking over. Often, the key to a low-maintenance swimming pool lies in your filter. A pool filter that’s […]

Pool Gifts for Any Pool Lover

Pool floats in a pool with the words, "pool toys to get any pool lover."

Some people are difficult to shop for, but if they’re a pool lover, you’re in luck. There are plenty of pool gifts that will make any pool enthusiast eager to dive in. Here are some great gift ideas for the pool lovers in your life, whether they’re just getting started or already have a flotilla […]

How to Design an Outdoor Living Space to Match Your Style

Function. Capacity. Aesthetic. There are a lot of things to consider when designing your ideal outdoor living space. For one, the amount of space you have in your backyard could dictate your direction. If you have a cozier space, you might try to design a versatile environment that can become anything you need. If you […]

Which Automatic Pool Cleaner Is Right for My Pool?


Which Automatic Pool Cleaner Is Right for My Pool? Automatic pool cleaners can make pool maintenance easy, but you may be wondering, “Are they really worth it?”, “Do they really clean as well as advertised?”, “How much do they cost to maintain?” Our team at Liquidus Pool Services has put together this guide to help […]

Heating Your Pool: Swimming Pool Heater vs. Heat Pump

A pool heater sits against a brown wall beside the words "Pool Heater vs Heat Pump"

Having a heating system for your pool helps extend the pool season into the colder months of the year so that you can make the most out of your pool and backyard space. It is important to understand the difference between a pool heater and a heat pump to ensure that you are choosing the […]

The Effect of COVID-19 On the Pool Industry Pt: 2

A picture of a beautiful pool with the words, "effect of COVID-19 on the pool industry pt: 2"

What to Expect In the Future and Alternatives in Pool Care Last month, Liquidus Pool Services looked into the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the pool industry. We explored how COVID-19 has caused prices to rise throughout the pool industry due to: Increased demand in new pools and pool repairs Longer pool seasons Increased […]