What Is Pool Coping?

A gorgeous fountain next to an outdoor pool.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is pool coping?”, you’re not alone. Pool coping is an important part of your pool that is worth exploring, particularly if you are looking to invest in a new or renovated pool. Pool coping is the material that is used as capping or edging for your swimming pool shell. It […]

How to Clean a DE Pool Filter

Pool filters with the words, "how to clean a DE pool filter."

Cleaning a diatomaceous earth (DE) pool filter doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated when you follow the right steps. These filters work well and are commonly used to keep pool water clean and clear while minimizing the use of strong chemicals. Here’s what you need to know about making sure this filter stays clean […]

Salt Vs. Chlorine Pool

A person enjoying a pool with the words, "salt vs. chlorine pool."

Interested in having a pool installed on your property? If so, your next thought may be whether you should get a saltwater or chlorine pool. The best way to make an informed decision is by having a complete understanding of some key differences between these pool types and by choosing the right team of professionals […]

How to Protect your Pool Equipment from Freezing

A picture above the ladder to a frozen pool with the words "Protect Po

With the unforgiving months of winter upon us, now is the time for you as a pool owner to decide whether or not to winterize your pool and equipment. (While winterization is not usually necessary during a North Texas winter, recent history has shown us otherwise.) If the temperatures drop below freezing for a prolonged […]

What Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pool Contractor

A gorgeous pool with the words, "what questions to ask before hiring a pool contractor."

A pool can be an exciting addition to your home that creates a lifetime of memories, laughs, and a place to escape to for some much-needed rest and relaxation. However, planning for a pool is a huge responsibility as it is a big investment. From choosing the right style and shape to deciding what additional […]

Preparing Your Pool for Winter

A pool surrounded by snow with the words, "preparing your pool for winter."

With the chill of winter hanging in the air, it’s time to close down your pool. Closing down your pool will help protect it from ice, parasite and algae growth, and ensure an easy opening come spring and summer. Not sure what steps you should take to close down your pool? Not to worry, the […]

Understanding Pool Plaster

A gorgeous shot of a lap pool with the words, "Understanding Pool Plaster."

Your swimming pool is your escape, an oasis. You step into the water, and your stresses and cares float away. And, thanks to the pool’s plaster, your oasis is protected and leakproof. It’s important to understand how to care for and replace it. How Is Pool Plaster Applied? Pool plaster should only be applied by […]

Signs Your Pool Needs a Remodel

A gorgeous swimming pool with the words, "signs your pool needs a remodel."

There’s nothing better than relaxing in your backyard oasis complete with a pristine pool, but a run-down pool can make this dream more of a nightmare. While cosmetic issues can nag you enough to ruin the experience, they are rarely purely visual; such issues are often indicators of or precursors to larger structural issues. Here’s […]

Does My Pool Need to be Resurfaced?

A gorgeous clear pool with the words, "Does My Pool Need to Be Resurfaced?"

Summer is time for fun in the sun, floating in your cool pool, and hanging out with family and friends. However, when your pool begins to look a bit rundown, you begin to invite people over less often. It might be time to resurface your pool. Plaster on pools typically lasts anywhere from 7 to […]

Comprehensive Pool Care Checklist

Notebook paper with the words, "pool comprehensive checklist."

Your pool is an amazing investment that provides you and your family the potential to create lots of memories. To keep your pool in its best condition, there are some maintenance steps you should perform regularly. Here is a comprehensive list courtesy of the pool experts at Liquidus Pool Services: 1. Check and Empty Skimmer […]