Salt Vs. Chlorine Pool

A person enjoying a pool with the words, "salt vs. chlorine pool."

Interested in having a pool installed on your property? If so, your next thought may be whether you should get a saltwater or chlorine pool. The best way to make an informed decision is by having a complete understanding of some key differences between these pool types and by choosing the right team of professionals […]

Preparing Your Pool for Winter

A pool surrounded by snow with the words, "preparing your pool for winter."

With the chill of winter hanging in the air, it’s time to close down your pool. Closing down your pool will help protect it from ice, parasite and algae growth, and ensure an easy opening come spring and summer. Not sure what steps you should take to close down your pool? Not to worry, the […]

Understanding Pool Plaster

A gorgeous shot of a lap pool with the words, "Understanding Pool Plaster."

Your swimming pool is your escape, an oasis. You step into the water, and your stresses and cares float away. And, thanks to the pool’s plaster, your oasis is protected and leakproof. It’s important to understand how to care for and replace it. How Is Pool Plaster Applied? Pool plaster should only be applied by […]

Comprehensive Pool Care Checklist

Notebook paper with the words, "pool comprehensive checklist."

Your pool is an amazing investment that provides you and your family the potential to create lots of memories. To keep your pool in its best condition, there are some maintenance steps you should perform regularly. Here is a comprehensive list courtesy of the pool experts at Liquidus Pool Services: 1. Check and Empty Skimmer […]

How Weather Affects Your Pool

Natural Looking Fountains Flowing Into a Pool.

Spring and summer are known for their gorgeous temperatures which have everyone looking forward to when the pool is open. Spending your days floating in the crystal clear waters is a dream but, unfortunately, inclement weather can have everyone running inside. While we usually associate rain with the poor pool conditions did you know that […]

Taking Care of Your Pool After a Natural Disaster

A pool after a natural disaster with the words, pool disaster recovery.

In light of the severe storms that struck the DFW area in October 2019, many pool owners are dealing with damage and destruction to their pools. Full of debris, contaminated water, and broken pool equipment, pools can be unsafe to swim in after a natural disaster. With some tender love and care, you can help […]

What is the Dilution Effect?

Cleaning chemicals are sitting next to a pool with the words, The dilution effect in pools.

Pools are a fantastic way to escape the heat and have some fun during the summertime. Not only are they a great way to create memories with family and friends, but they also promote healthy exercise which is good for your heart and mind. However, owning your own pool is a great responsibility and requires […]

How to Remove Algae from a Pool

A pool filled with green algae

A nice relaxing evening in the pool is a great way to spend time with family and friends, escape the heat, and get some exercise. Algae can easily ruin a day of fun as it provides a potential health risk to the swimmers and the pool itself. It is essential to know the warning signs […]

What Everyone Should Know About Owning a Swimming Pool

A woman lounging in her pool with the words swimming pool ownership

Many homeowners dream about being able to escape the heat by jumping into their very own swimming pool. What many hopeful pool owners don’t know is that there is a lot of planning and budgeting involved in owning a pool. A rise in homeowner’s insurance rates, planning for space to be taken up in their […]

How to Use a Pool Test Kit to Check Chemical Levels

A person using an electric pool test kit with the words checking pool chemical levels

Dirty pool water can contain all sorts of nasty things, including E. coli, protozoa, and hepatitis A. All of these pool water pathogens can make you and your family sick. Fortunately, there are chemicals that will keep your pool clean and sanitary – you just have to keep up with dosage requirements and monitor your pool chemical […]