A beautiful concrete swimming pool

Concrete Swimming Pools

A new swimming pool is a huge investment. It’s important to pick a material that is built to last! When it comes to pools, concrete gives new pool owners the option to customize the pool’s shape without sacrificing aesthetics or durability.

Concrete is a mixture of water, cement, sand, and stone or gravel. Concrete pool shells can be created using two different mixtures, gunite or shotcrete. No matter the shape or size you have in mind for your new concrete pool, rest assured that your dedicated team at Liquidus Pool Services has the answers! Learn more about our team of pool professionals and to schedule a consultation for your new pool build!.

Gunite Vs. Shotcrete

When a concrete pool shell is created, a mixture of either gunite or shotcrete is sprayed. The addition of water is the major difference between gunite or a shotcrete mixture.

Gunite is a dry mix that requires a separate hose to add water immediately after application.

Shotcrete is a wet mixture that is easy to spread and does not require adding water.

Both types of concrete are hardy and will stand the test of time with proper application.

Concrete Pool Construction Process

After our initial consultation about the size, shape, and appearance of your pool, the new pool construction process involves these steps:

Pool Excavation

Our professional team of expert pool builders excavates the earth to create the ground base for the pool. Depending on the size and complexity of your new pool, this can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days.

Laying the Steel Cage

Concrete pools are not very flexible. However, installing a cage compiled of steel bars to the concrete shell site helps reinforce the pool and add to its longevity. This process can take anywhere from one to two days, depending on the size and complexity of the pool.

Placing the Concrete Shell

Next, our pool builders will spray concrete (either gunite or a shotcrete mixture) into the steel cage. This will create the pool shell and adhere to the cage, ensuring that it is durable and allowing the pool to take its shape. This process generally takes about 1-2 days.

Curing Process

The concrete mixture needs time to harden and strengthen. This process is known as the curing process. During this process, the cement mixture is hydrated with water, allowing it to become stronger and more impact damage resistant. We generally give your new pool 28 days to fully cure.

Waterproofing the Shell

To ensure that your concrete pool is ready for whatever life throws its way, Liquidus always takes the extra step to waterproof the shell. This will allow us to smooth out any rough edges, clean the surface, and reinforce the shell with a waterproofing material, ensuring that it doesn’t wear down quickly. This will take about 1-3 days.

Pool Tile and Coping

Liquidus pool services offer a gorgeous array of pool tiles from which homeowners can choose. This will allow you to fully customize the look of your pool and blend it into the paradise you are building in your backyard.

Once we install the tiles of your choosing we then create a concrete or stone border around the perimeter of the pool. This is known as coping. Coping allows a seamless and easy transition between your pool and the patio. This is important for protecting the ground around your pool and ensuring that excess water isn’t escaping. Depending on the size and complexity of your pool, this can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Pool Patio

Once your pool has gone through the coping process and tile installation, we prepare the base beneath your pool’s patio. This is accomplished by placing and compacting stone. This creates a watertight area underneath your gorgeous pool patio that will be installed on top. Liquidus Pool Services also offers immaculate patio designs and renovation options. Don’t just settle for your dream pool; invest in your dream backyard.

Plaster Installation

The final part of concrete pool construction is the installation of the interior surface of the pool. This is generally plaster, which is a mixture of cement, sand, marble dust, pigment, and water. This gives the pool its smooth surface and helps strengthen the overall pool. The plaster is installed using a hose to pump the plaster into the pool and a trowel to smooth it out. The result is a gorgeous pool that will provide your family with years of good memories.

Maintenance and Concrete Pool Start-Up

The first 10 days after your pool is built require additional care and routine maintenance. This includes brushing the pool twice per day to remove any leftover plaster dust and checking the pool’s water chemistry daily. However, we understand that you and your family are anxious to dive in! This is why Liquidus Pool Services offers extensive maintenance and care for your concrete pool! Allow us to take care of the work so you can focus on taking back your weekend!

For more information about our custom concrete pool builds or our pool maintenance services, Contact Liquidus Pool Services. We’re proud to serve the hardworking individuals of the DFW area and cannot wait to help you obtain your dream pool.