A gorgeous infinity pool in a residential neigborhood.

Infinity Pool Design and Installation

Infinity pools are known for their incredible vanishing edge, which gives the impression that the pool is endless. The pool becomes one with the horizon, allowing your swimmers to feel as if they have wandered into an undiscovered paradise. When investing in a new pool, an infinity pool is a unique, exciting option to consider. Liquidus Pool Services can help you capture the attention of your family and neighbors by creating a unique pool experience where you feel one with your surrounding landscapes. Not sure whether an infinity pool is right for you? Here is what you need to know:

How Does an Infinity Swimming Pool Work?

Infinity pools take advantage of the power of illusion. Instead of having each wall cap like a traditional pool, infinity pools use one or more vanishing walls. These walls meet at exactly the water level, making it appear as if the water continues well past the wall. These vanishing walls are also sloped, allowing the water to flow over top and down into a catch basin that is located underneath the pool. From here, a pool pump forces the water back up into the main pool.

How Does the Infinity Illusion Work?

The key to any illusion is perspective. Infinity pools are carefully designed to have the vanishing edge positioned so that the pool’s basin cannot be seen. This is usually located near a natural slope in the ground. If your backyard doesn’t have a natural slope, extra groundwork can be put in to make it appear as if your pool seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape.

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

It can be quite concerning to see a drop-off on your pool but be assured that your infinity pool will be safe. Remember, the disappearing edge is an illusion, so despite what your eyes see, there is an actual wall there. A swimmer would have to climb over the edge to even have a risk of falling, but even then the pool’s catch basin will provide a safety net. However, it is still important to remember that children should always be supervised while in the pool.

Infinity Pool Maintenance

Infinity pools are gorgeous but they do require a bit more maintenance than your average pool. For example, the infinity pool’s catch basin will need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that no debris is building up near the pump. The pool’s pump and filtration system will need to be regularly cleaned and monitored to ensure that it does not clog or break down. A damaged pool pump or filter will end the circulation of the water and destroy the illusion. Also, you may find that you have to refill your pool more frequently as the water that flows over the edge and into the catch basin will be more susceptible to evaporation.

Liquidus Can Make Your Backyard Pool Dream a Reality

Don’t let the prospect of more maintenance scare you from the pool of your dreams. Liquidus Pool services can not only build you a gorgeous custom-made infinity pool, but we can also provide routine maintenance services, ensuring that your infinity pool runs for a long time. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation with our professional design team! Take your weekend back in style with Liquidus’s Pool Services new pool builds and maintenance services.