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Cleaning a diatomaceous earth (DE) pool filter doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated when you follow the right steps. These filters work well and are commonly used to keep pool water clean and clear while minimizing the use of strong chemicals. Here’s what you need to know about making sure this filter stays clean and keeps the water in your Dallas pool healthy.

How DE Filters Work

Diatomaceous earth filters (DE) are considered the best pool filtration systems offered on the market today. A DE filter contains eight filter grids, a filter manifold, and a filter stand. Each filter grid has a fabric covering that holds the DE powder. Water then passes through the powder, resulting in the dirt being trapped in the pores of the fabric covering.

When a lot of dirt and debris from the pool water has been collected in the DE powder,  it is difficult for water to continue passing through the filter. This means the water pressure rises and the flow rate decreases. The filter will work harder to circulate water and clean the pool, and the amount of water going back into the pool from the filter won’t feel as strong. That can harm the filter and make it less effective, but this can be remedied by thoroughly cleaning the DE filter. For the best results, this procedure should be performed at regular intervals.

How to Clean a DE Filter

To clean your DE filter correctly, turn off the pool pump and open the filter’s air relief valve. This will relieve any air pressure trapped inside the filter and create a safe working environment. Remove the drain plug to begin draining the tank. You’ll want to have a bucket handy to catch the drainage. The DE filter can make a mess all over the equipment pad if you don’t have anywhere for the drainage to go. Next, locate the clamp and use a wrench to remove the nut that’s holding it in place. Then you can remove the lid and open the tank.

Take the manifold out and remove each of the grids from the tray. Rinse each grid individually with a hose, until they’re free of DE and any debris or dirt they collected. Place the grid back on the tray. It’s easier if you start with the single, small grid. Then put the manifold back on and close the tank. Replace the lid, and don’t forget to also replace the clamp and tighten the nut.

Return the drain plug. If you forget, the water will run out of the pump and could cause damage. Turn the pump back on and keep the filter’s air relief valve open until water starts to spray out. This will again ensure that no air pressure is being trapped inside the filter tank. Next, Finally, check the side of your filter tank for the recommended number of pounds of DE. Before adding the DE, mix it with water in a bucket. Then pour it down the closest pool skimmer. This is a convenient way to get clean DE back into your pool filter and is known as recharging the filter.

Liquidus Pro Tip: Inspect Your Pool Filter During Cleaning

While you’re cleaning your DE filter, take the time to give it a physical inspection. It’s important to check your DE filter for signs of damage. If you find problems with your DE filter it needs to be replaced, not backwashed. Look for issues like rips or tears in the fabric. Make sure to also check the seams and the bottom center as tears can occur there as well. Broken tabs on the top also signal that the DE filter needs to be replaced. These tabs are easy to spot, as they’re located where the grid inserts into the manifold.

Check for cracks in the manifold and make sure it doesn’t have a missing or damaged air bleed screen or sock. The assembly should be tight as well. A lost assembly or any missing wing nuts can signal a problem not only in the present, but in the future, as it may be the first sign that the filter may start to come apart. The manifold fits onto the standpipe which is another component to check. The o-ring there should be intact and free of damage. Lastly, take a look at the grids to be sure they aren’t misplaced or misaligned. Your filter will operate more efficiently when all the parts are in good condition.

Need Help With Your Pool Maintenance?

If you’re a first-time pool owner, or you just want to enjoy the water worry-free, Liquidus can help. We have flexible options for cleaning and maintenance that can help you enjoy your pool without worrying about the upkeep. Reach out to us today and let us maintain your pool.