A gorgeous swimming pool with the words, "signs your pool needs a remodel."

There’s nothing better than relaxing in your backyard oasis complete with a pristine pool, but a run-down pool can make this dream more of a nightmare. While cosmetic issues can nag you enough to ruin the experience, they are rarely purely visual; such issues are often indicators of or precursors to larger structural issues. Here’s what to know if your pool is in disrepair or you’re considering a pool remodel.

Run-Down Appearance

Cracked walls

Cracked walls can lead to pool leaks and weaken the overall structure of the pool. This can cause the soil around the pool to erode and put the pool in danger of sliding.

Peeling Plaster

Over time, pool chemicals can erode the plaster in the pool. This issue can quickly worsen if pool owners don’t mix their chemicals well. A pool resurfacing job can help freshen up the plaster in your pool, prevent further structural damage, and keep your pool going strong.

Constant Murky Water

Blocked Pipes

Murky water is often a sign that there is a problem with your pool’s pipework. Debris may have blocked the pipes, diminishing the flow of water to the filters, leaving dirt in the pool. A pool professional can help clean out your pool’s piping or replace the filter.

Blocked Sand Filter (if applicable)

Murky water may also be a sign of a blocked sand filter if this is part of your pool set-up. Sand filters should be changed every three to five years to avoid any major blockage.

Broken-Down Pool Pump

A malfunctioning pool pump cannot properly move the water around your pool which prevents the water from filtering properly. With little to no circulation, dirt settles and clouds up the water. Signs that your pool pump isn’t working properly include strange sounds coming from the device, periodic shutdowns, and failure to start.

Broken Pool Lights

When your pool lights stop working, it is increasingly dangerous to swim at night. It’s best to let your pool professional replace broken lights to avoid electrocution.

Outdated Pool Equipment

If you are relying on the pool equipment that is over 10-15 years old, it is definitely time for an upgrade. Older equipment will deteriorate and may already be costing you in the form of higher energy and water costs. Newer pool equipment is safer, more energy-efficient, and requires fewer chemicals.

Redoing Backyard Landscaping

If you are already updating your backyard landscaping, renovating your pool at the same time will help seamlessly blend your pool into your new ideal outdoor living space. You’ll also have more options for decking, water features, and types of trees.

Need a Pool Remodel?

If you’re experiencing any of these situations, it’s likely time for a pool remodel to make sure that your pool remains the relaxation spot it was always meant to be. Consulting an expert will help you make sure the job is done right the first time, giving you the best chance of an effective and long-lasting solution. Experts can also spot other potential problems before they arise. Our team of skilled experts at Liquidus Pool Services can help you with installation, maintenance, remodeling, and whatever else your pool may need so make sure to call us today!