Crystal clear water with the words, magic of scuppers.

Your swimming pool is your escape. After a long day or week, nothing feels better than getting into the pool and allowing your cares to float away. Adding water features to your pool can help enhance this effect. From waterfalls and fountains to scupper and deck jets, nothing says relaxation more than the sound of cascading water. For this month, the design experts at Liquidus Pool Services are going to be highlighting the magic of scuppers and how you can use it to take your pool to the next level of design and relaxation.

What Is a Scupper?

If you look up the term “scupper” on the internet, you are going to find a few different meanings. The original term scupper comes from boating. A boating scupper is a part of a boat that opens up to allow water to flow off the deck and back into the body of water. This was extremely important during severe storms to ensure that the deck didn’t take on too much water.

Today, scuppers are more commonly known for their use in pools, and they function the same way they do on boats. This gorgeous design element was created to ensure that the level of water in a pool that has different sections remains level and even. Also, since the water has movement, it ensures that the pool water stays fresh and at an optimal temperature.

Designed With Relaxation in Mind

Not only are scuppers practical, but they also add beauty to the look, sound, and feel of the water and your pool. Scuppers create a soothing atmosphere by creating a steady sound of water falling into your pool. The movement of the water keeps the temperature cool and feeling fresh. With the help of sunlight gleaming off the gentle slope of water falling into your pool from the scupper’s opening, you will have a pool that is right out of a fairytale.

When it comes to scuppers, they are usually installed in groups of threes on raised walls or on the side of spas. However, our expert design team can help you find the optimal place for your pool scuppers to create a beautiful and inviting pool atmosphere you want.

Scupper Materials and Designs

A beautiful pool showing off plants and scuppers.Scuppers can come in a variety of different materials. From gorgeous copper, the hardiness of stainless steel, the boldness of bronze, and the natural feel of stone, we have an option for every outdoor design and style.

Scuppers can also be hidden into natural elements for homeowners who want to create a more mystical effect. You can have them flowing out of basins, as pots holding beautiful plants, or have them masked behind sculpted parts of the raised wall, like a lion’s head.

Liquidus Pool Services design team can help you create the perfect outdoor atmosphere to wind-down and relax in. Contact us today for more information on our scupper options as well as our other water features! When it comes to pools, no one knows them better than Liquidus Pool Services.