A rain curtain water feature flowing into a pool with the words pool water feature ideas

A great swimming pool is about so much more than the pool’s structure – it’s all about creating the perfect ambiance. One of the most effective ways to add ambiance and beauty to your pool is to add water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and geysers. If you’re looking to refresh your swimming pool’s look, here are some pool water feature ideas to consider:


Adding one or more fountains to your pool is a great way to take your swimming pool relaxation experience to the next level. Fountains can add a lot of visual appeal to your pool, and they also have numerous other benefits. The tranquil sound of the fountain can help you relieve some stress while in your pool. In addition, when incorporated into your pool’s water filtration and circulation system, fountains can help keep the water moving and thus keep it cleaner.

No matter what kind of fountain design you have in mind, there are countless options to choose from, so you can be sure to achieve the look and feel that you desire.


Another fun water feature to consider is a waterfall, which can be incorporated into pool designs in many ways. A waterfall adds a great deal of visual appeal and serves some practical purposes within your swimming pool. Much like a fountain, a waterfall can provide your pool with additional filtration and improved water circulation, which can help to deter algae growth and other issues. A cascading waterfall also provides tranquil and relaxing white noise so you can enjoy your pool even more.

Rainfall Curtain

An increasingly popular water feature to consider is the unique rainfall curtain. These water features are suspended above your pool and allow for a “sheet” of water to continuously fall into your swimming pool, creating the illusion of rainfall. Not only is this water feature beautiful, but it can also help with water filtration and add to the peaceful vibe of your pool space.

Pool Geysers

Another fun feature to think about adding to your swimming pool is a water geyser. Many pool owners who opt for this feature will actually have several geysers installed as part of their pool design. These geysers can be programmed to shoot water out in different sequences and patterns. When combined with the right pool lighting, you can even create some stunning pool light shows with the help of geysers. This is a great option if you’re looking to add a truly eye-catching water feature to your pool and want to be able to customize it as much as possible.

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