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As clear, refreshing bodies of water right in your backyard, pools provide enjoyment, a safe place to exercise, and a great way to beat the heat. Thanks to Texas’s moderate climate, pool owners in the DFW area can enjoy a swim pretty much all year long. When it gets dark, however, swimmers rely on pool lights to keep them safe. By the pool’s interior, pool lights help you navigate your pool at night, and allow you to see if someone needs help. When these pool lights go out, a safe and fun environment can quickly turn dangerous.. Wondering how to replace your pool light? Here’s a detailed  guide to help you understand the process:

Note of Caution: Risk of Electrocution

Before you attempt to replace your pool light, it is important to understand that there is a risk of being electrocuted if the light isn’t changed properly. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination, so if you ever feel unsure or hesitant, it is best to contact your trusted team of pool specialists to change the light for you. This keeps you and your family safe and also protects your pool from getting damaged in the process.

Step 1: Find the Right Bulb Replacement and Lens Gasket

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Scott Brown, Pool Light Diagram, Pool Supply Unlimited, March 25th, 2022.

While it would be wonderful to have a “one size fits all” bulb and gasket for pool lights, unfortunately, this is not the case. To get the right bulb and gasket lens, you will need to know the make and model of your pool light. If you are unsure what model or make your pool light is, then you will need to remove the pool light first and check the back of the housing which should have a sticker that holds this information. If the sticker is worn and unreadable, you can always check the model number on the face ring and lens. For the gasket, you will need to measure the current model to determine the size you need.

Step 2: Remove the Pool Light

To remove the pool light, you will need to get both a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, a circuit tester, and a few dry towels. First, locate your circuit breaker box and shut off the electricity to the pool area. Next, use the circuit tester to make sure that the electricity is fully shut off before attempting to remove the light. After that, remove the pool light from its casing by unscrewing the pilot screw which is located near the top of the light. You will need to pry the light fixture out of the casing. At this point, there should be enough cord for you to pull the light out of the pool and onto the pool deck. Lay the light on some towels to protect the lens from scraping or breaking on the deck. You can use the second towel to dry off the light.

Step 3: Change the Light Bulb

Here are the steps to changing the pool’s light bulb:

  1. Remove the face ring, the lens gasket, and the lens itself
  2. Check these items for corrosion and replace them if there is any
  3. Remove the screw or clamps holding the light fixture in place
  4. Dry the inside of the light fixture
  5. Clean off the gasket residue from the surface of the lens using a damp soft rag
  6. Using a towel, carefully remove the bulb by unscrewing it from the fixture
  7. Replace the bulb and be careful not to over tighten it, as this can cause the bulb to break
  8. Install the new lens gasket around the lens and reassemble the light fixture. (It is always recommended to install a new lens gasket whenever you’re replacing the bulb.)

Step 4: Check to See If the Light Works

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Once you have successfully replaced the bulb, check that the light works before you place it back onto the pool. You will need another person to help you with this step. One individual needs to turn on the electricity while the other checks the light to see if it turns on.

This step should be done quickly as these lights were not designed to be operated outside of the pool. Once you have completed this goal, you can turn off the electricity again and move to the next step.

Step 5: Check For Leaks

It is important to ensure that there are no leaks in your light. To do this, simply place the light under the water and watch for air bubbles. A few air bubbles are normal but if the bubbles are coming up continuously, there is a potential leak in the seal. Quickly remove the light and recheck that everything is dried and tightened properly. If the problem persists, consult a professional before continuing.

Step 6: Reinstall the Pool Light

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Carefully replace the pool light into its housing. The excess cord should be placed back into its original position to protect it from getting clipped. Screw the housing back in. You can now turn the electricity back on.

Let Our Team Bring the Light Back to Your Pool

Liquidus Pool Services has been faithfully serving pool owners  in Dallas, Texas since 2017. Our team is passionate about helping individuals take their weekend back by providing unparalleled and extensive pool maintenance services, including pool light repairs and replacements. Let our team keep your pool running smoothly so you can create memories with your family for years to come. For more information, contact our team today!

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