Our wishes go out to all the families across DFW and the nation in this time of crisis.  Liquidus Pool Services is open for business. Safety is our top priority – for our employees, our customers, and the overall health and safety of our industry. According to CDC.gov, COVID-19 cannot live in properly maintained pool and hot tub water. In addition, properly sanitized pools are essential to the health and safety of those that come in contact with them.

CLICK HERE for more information from the CDC about swimming pools and COVID-19

We are doing everything in our power to ensure that our team is alert and has the supplies and equipment they need to help properly sanitize, maintain pools and hot tubs, and should be considered “essential businesses” in this time of crisis.

We are taking the appropriate precautions at all homes and businesses which includes social distancing. To minimize person-to-person contact, we encourage all customers to keep a safe distance from our pool cleaners and team, and we will do the same.

For all of our clients building and remodeling their pools…the NPT Backyard App is available on your app store and allows you to quickly and easily select products online, then send the information to us for quoting purposes.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We appreciate your business and wish you all a happy and healthy spring.

All the best,

Adam, & Garrett

Co-Founders, LiquidUS Pools